Oral Surgery in Horsley, Leatherhead

Tooth Extractions

If you need to have a tooth removed then you are in safe hands at Horsley Dental. We have the expertise to carry out a wide range of Oral Surgery procedures, including the removal of Wisdom Teeth. We have our own specialist Maxillofacial Surgeon, who can carry out even the most complicated extractions and also treat other disorders in the face, mouth and jaw that require surgery.

The Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth extraction is a very common procedure. These teeth at the back of the mouth usually emerge after the other adult teeth are in position, which can mean that there isn’t always enough room for them to grow and come through properly. Due to the lack of space they can be forced to come out at an angle or to only emerge partially. If issues with the Wisdom Teeth are causing pain or leading to other dental problems, then extracting them may be necessary.

Extractions of other teeth can also be required if they are cracked, broken or have become severely decayed.

Your Appointments

At the initial consultation appointment your dentist will assess if Oral Surgery is the best course of action for you. The procedure will be fully explained and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Several appointments may be required depending on the number of teeth affected and the complexity of the case. Tooth extractions are generally carried out under local anaesthetic, though other options are available for particularly anxious patients.

What Next?

If you think that you may require a Tooth Extraction or any other form of Oral Surgery, please call our reception on 01483 281 414 to arrange a consultation. To find out how much our treatments cost at Horsley Dental, please visit our Fees page to see our latest prices.

To find out more about Oral Surgery or to book an appointment at Horsley Dental call us on 01483 281 414 or fill in our form below.