Dental Bridges in Horsley, Leatherhead

Replacing Missing Teeth

A Dental Bridge is a very effective solution if you have one or two missing teeth. The results look very natural and will last a long time. A Fixed Bridge is the most common kind and consists of one or more artificial teeth, called pontics, joined together with crowns that fit securely over the prepared adjacent teeth on both sides of the gap.

There are other alternative types of bridge available. A cantilever bridge is only supported by one adjacent tooth and is used where it is not possible to fit a crown on either side. Bridges can also be supported by Dental Implants if necessary.

The Advantages of Dental Bridges

As well as restoring the appearance of your smile, Dental Bridges have many other substantial benefits. They can significantly improve the functionality and performance in the mouth that has been lost due to missing teeth. Bridges will allow you to speak and chew properly, even out the force of your bite and help maintain the shape of your face. Replacing the missing tooth also prevents the surrounding teeth from moving out of position towards the gap. As with Dental Crowns, Bridges can be accurately coloured to match your natural teeth and so blend in with the rest of your smile.

Your Appointments

At the initial consultation your dentist will assess if Dental Bridges are appropriate for you. The procedure will be fully explained and you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you would like to achieve and ask any questions you may have. The procedure itself usually requires two appointments, with the preparation work and impressions done on the first visit and the fitting and finishing on the second.

What Next?

If you think that Dental Bridges might be for you, please call our reception on 01483 281 414 to arrange a consultation. To find out how much Dental Bridges cost at Horsley Dental, please visit our Fees page to see our latest prices.

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