White Fillings in Horsley, Leatherhead

Repairing Damaged Teeth

If you have teeth that have been damaged by decay then White Fillings are a great way to restore them while keeping your smile looking natural and healthy. They are also an ideal solution if you have existing silver fillings that you would like to replace to improve the appearance of your smile, as the composite resin can match the colour of your natural teeth to make them virtually unnoticeable.

The Advantages of White Fillings

Traditional silver amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for many years. They are very effective but can be unattractive and can easily be seen when the mouth is open. At Horsley Dental we are pleased to offer White fillings, also known as Tooth Coloured Fillings, which have the distinct advantage of being almost undetectable - while still being highly durable and just as strong as their traditional silver counterparts.

The treatment is vey effective and safe and can instantly improve the look of your smile to give you more confidence when smiling, talking or laughing.

Your Appointments

At the initial consultation appointment your dentist will assess if White Fillings are appropriate for you. The procedure will be fully explained and you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you would like to achieve and ask any questions you may have. If the damage to the tooth is too great to be repaired by a filling then we will advise you on the best treatment option for you.

What Next?

If you think that White Fillings might be for you, please call our reception on 01483 281 414 to arrange a consultation. To find out how much White Fillings cost at Horsley Dental, please visit our Fees page to see our latest prices.

To find out more about White Fillings or to book an appointment at Horsley Dental call us on 01483 281 414 or fill in our form below.