Fissure Sealants in Horsley, Leatherhead

Keeping Teeth Healthy

If you have teeth that are susceptible to decay then they can be protected using Fissure Sealants. Food particles can easily become trapped in the pits and grooves on the biting surface of molar teeth and this can potentially lead to cavities. These grooves, known as fissures, can be difficult to keep clean. At Horsley Dental we use Fissure Sealants to shield these teeth and protect them from decay.

Children’s teeth can be particularly prone to mild decay and Fissure Sealants are a great way to protect young teeth. They can also be used by adults who have teeth that are particularly vulnerable and need protecting.

The Advantages of Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants are made from a plastic resin that can be coloured to match the natural tooth, making them almost impossible to notice. They are also very strong and can protect the treated tooth for many years. The treatment is very quick and doesn’t require a local anaesthetic.

Your Appointments

At the initial consultation appointment your dentist will assess if Fissure Sealants are appropriate for you. The procedure will be fully explained and you will have the opportunity to discuss the results you would like to achieve and ask any questions you may have. The treatment itself begins with the affected tooth being cleaned and prepared. The sealant is then moulded and bonded to the tooth’s top surface, before being hardened under UV light to form a very strong protective coating.

What Next?

If you think that Fissure Sealants might be for you, please call our reception on 01483 281 414 to arrange a consultation. To find out how much Fissure Sealants cost at Horsley Dental, please visit our Fees page to see our latest prices.

To find out more about Fissure Sealants or to book an appointment at Horsley Dental call us on 01483 281 414 or fill in our form below.